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As Pakistan’s largest IT services support network with over 10 years experience, we offer a complete range of IT Solutions for your small or medium sized business

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Business IT Support

As Pakistan’s largest IT services support network with over 10 years experience, we offer a complete range of IT Solutions for your small or medium sized business, Technology is now at the core of every successful business, having professional knowledgeable, and local friendly IT support with the full range of IT Services

  • Fully Managed Windows and Apple Operating Systems.
  • On-demand procurement
  • Asset tracking, inventory, and tagging
  • Security and Capacity Monitoring
  • Desktops and Laptops remote and onsite support
  • Regular “proactive” maintenance (patching, defrags, virus scanning, cleanups)
  • Virus and Malware FREE operating environment
  • Anti-SPAM engine to protect inbound and outbound emails
  • Network and local Printer support
  • Offsite and imaging-based backups of desktops and laptops
  • Secure installation and lockdown
  • Hardware maintenance and upgrades
  • Reduce Exposure to Risk – through secure & protected access to corporate data
  • Enhance Productivity – ensuring devices are properly configured and eliminating unnecessary distractions
  • Increase Profit – safely & securely leverage mobile computing as a powerful productivity tool.
Network Deployment

Whether you’re looking for your first business network or datacenter environment or you’re transitioning your entire business to a new network, IT RACKS can help. With over 100 Client networks, we’ve developed deep skills and knowledge to ensure you receive the network you need to run your business.

  • Office or Datacenter.
  • On-time network deployments.
  • Planning, architecture, and engineering.
  • Evening and weekend rollouts.
  • Accelerated timeline deployments.
  • Greenfield or Migration.
  • Phone, Internet, Servers, Services
  • Procurement of hardware and software.
  • Backup and contingency planning.
  • Onsite personnel after rollout.
IT Procurement

IT Procurement is an area not often discussed by small and medium business. This is usually because there is no formal process to procure IT systems or supplies. As businesses grow, the time and money invested in the acquisition of IT hardware, software, and other needs warrants a proper procurement process.

  • Full-Service Procurement.
  • All Hardware, Software, and Supplies.
  • Parts, Replacement, and Research.
  • Maintain Standard Specifications.
  • Cellular Phones, Android, Mobile Devices.
  • Controlling Costs.
  • Evaluation of Correct Solution.
  • Competitive Vendor Quote Review.
  • Pre-Approved Quick Order for Desktops, Printers, Laptops.
  • Windows and Apple Products.

Strengthen the security of your workplace the smart way with IT Racks. While we enlighten you with a smart solution of securing your workplace with our CCTV camera installation Pakistan , you would certainly strike the winning edge by cutting down on employing a manual security team. We at IT Racks, offers you with supreme and unique service at a very competitive price.

  • Our cameras do an exceptional performance more than a manual security force
  • The latest technology enables you to integrate CCTV cameras with other remote devices
  • Our CCTV video footage is compatible with almost all the devices.
  • CCTV cameras with different functionalities such as Video Quality (Black & white, Color/ High Definition.
  • Remote Surveillance 24/7.
  • Night vision can also monitor in pitch darkness.
  • Data stored at an offsite location.
  • SMS/Mail Notification on system errors.


Business Telephony PABX

With a superior edge over the business telephony services by us, you can effortlessly connect with your clients globally and keep your business up all the time. we believe in being and giving you the best that you dese time. Hence our PABX system is designed to give you an inimitable experience with an ultimate digital quality, protected connection, and elongated outreach.

  • Support – is there 24/7 support offered? What are the support options and where is the center based.
  • Reliability/Down Time –  How often is the system scheduled to be down for upgrades and maintenance?
  • Quality of Service – Be sure the provider is able to deliver the high quality calls at all times.
  • Versatility –  Look for a provider who is able to grow and shift along with you and your needs.
UPS Maintenance

All your servicing, maintenance and repair requirements from one supplier

UPS Systems can provide the widest range of uninterruptible power supplies either as stand-alone units or integrated into an overall standby power solution. Our experience in standby power stretches from supplying the smallest desktop plug-and-play UPS to the largest commercial units.

  • 10 years of experience in providing businesses of all sizes with standby power solutions.
  • Complimentary consultation and advice on all aspects of standby power.
  • An independent unbiased view on product selection focusing choice of a product purely on its fit to any solution.
  • Total focus on customer service.
  • A wide selection of after sales services available on all makes of standby power products.


  • APC
  • Powerware

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